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More Traffic. More Conversion. More Happy Customers.

Norton Shopping Guarantee builds consumer confidence at the most critical moments
in online shopping, so they buy more and more often. Here’s how.

Step 1:
The Search Begins

Modern consumers begin their journey by researching online. Since they want to purchase from merchants they know are safe, they’re sure to only visit sites they trust.

It All Starts With Shopper Confidence

As soon as shoppers see the "https" next to a URL they know the site is secure and their privacy is protected. Sites with "https" also enjoy higher visibility in search results and more traffic.

Online Shopping Compliance

Built-In Compliance

Users who visit any unencrypted web page will see a warning sign letting them know it is not secure. Data indicates that "Not Secure" warnings increase site and cart abandonment rates. Norton Shopping Guarantee has what you need to ensure your site is compliant.

Step 2:
Increase Shopper Confidence

Before a consumer decides to shop, they look for visual cues like the green padlock and "https" in your browser window, and the Norton™ Secured Seal on the page, all of which come with Norton Shopping Guarantee.

Security Alone Isn’t Enough

How can shoppers be sure they’re dealing with a trustworthy online retailer? By shopping at sites that also display Norton Shopping Guarantee, they know the merchant is reliable and they’re getting the best price. And, if their identity is stolen ANYWHERE within 30 days after purchase, we’ll help them in the recovery process.

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Step 3:
Why They'll Buy From You

With Norton Shopping Guarantee, customers enjoy £10,000 Identity Theft Recovery Assistance, a £1,000 Satisfaction Guarantee, and a £100 Price Protection Guarantee — three powerful reasons to buy from you instead of your competition.

It’s A Win For Any Size Business

Norton Shopping Guarantee has proven to drive 7% higher conversion rates and 5% more repeat buyers*. And, 75% of customers say they feel more confident about their purchases.

*Average percent increase in conversion and repeat buyers as measured by
A/B split tests during trial periods with current customers.
Increase conversion
& customer satisfaction

Step 4:
Happy, Repeat Customers

The end result? Loyal customers who turn to you for their future online shopping needs. Plus, they’re more likely to spread the word to their friends and families.

20X ROI, Guaranteed*

We guarantee that for every £1 you invest in Norton Shopping Guarantee, you will get a minimum of £20 in incremental top line revenue.

*Applicable to merchants with 400+ online transactions in a 2 week cycle.
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It’s What Shoppers Want...

Discover why more shoppers prefer buying
from merchants protected by Norton Shopping Guarantee.

Shopper Quote

“Dear Hobby Depot—it was such a pleasure to shop on your site; other hobby places never really seem legit but I knew I could trust yours. I’ll be back, that’s for sure.”
James R., Chicago IL

Shopper Quote

“Thank you for providing the Norton Shopping Guarantee for this purchase. We live in an age when so much of our privacy and identity are easily threatened. I feel good about this.”
Robert G., Long-time Customer

...And It’s What Merchants Need

Read how Norton Shopping Guarantee has helped other merchants meet the increasing demands of online shoppers.

Merchant Quote

“When prospects arrive for the first time on our two sites, there’s a period of about three seconds in which they decide how much to trust the online stores. I want to provide the safest, most secure shopping experience possible.  That’s why I chose Symantec Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates. The padlock and green strip in the address bar give our customers confidence that our business is safe to buy from.”
Rob Conley, Founder and CEO and

Merchant Quote

“More than 5,000 customers have pressed the button to send a thank you (for Norton Shopping Guarantee), with 63% adding comments.”
Bill Aicher, Chief Marketing Officer
Musicnotes, Inc.

Show Them You Care. And Then Some.

Give your customers a conscious reminder that you stand behind your products
and are committed to keeping them happy and safe.

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